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Tax Planning

Paying taxes is our duty – definitely (and statistically) not one of the peoples’ favorites. Almost every salaried man groans when tax is being deducted from his salary.

We cannot completely do away with taxes but we can surely reduce them to a great extent. Tax evasion is illegal. Tax Planning isn’t.

Each year, the budget consists of provisions and exemptions to reduce tax liability.

This is where we come into the picture. Based on each individual’s profile, we apply exemptions and provisions to reduce their tax liability.

Key Takeaways

  • Tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation or plan to ensure that all elements work together to allow you to pay the lowest taxes possible.
  • Considerations of tax planning include the timing of income, size, the timing of purchases, and planning for expenditures.
  • Tax planning strategies can include saving for retirement in an IRA or engaging in tax gain-loss harvesting.